Hood Feasibility Study

In 2017, Sacramento County received grants from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program (SCFRRP) to complete feasibility studies to reduce flood risk to six Delta Legacy Communities in the north Delta, including: Hood, Courtland, Locke, West Walnut Grove, Ryde, and East Walnut Grove.

Hood is located along the left bank of the Sacramento River approximately 16 miles downstream and southwest of downtown Sacramento along the Sacramento River, and approximately 8 miles downstream and south of Freeport. The levee system along the left or east bank of the Sacramento River between Freeport and Hood which protects the Delta Legacy community of Hood is maintained by DWR’s Maintenance Area 9 (MA 9). MA 9 maintains approximately 9.0 miles of levee between Freeport and Courtland, of which at least 2.5 miles are within the immediate subject study area of Hood.