Locke Feasibility Study


In 2017, Sacramento County received grants from the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) Small Communities Flood Risk Reduction Program (SCFRRP) to complete feasibility studies to reduce flood risk to six Delta Legacy Communities in the north Delta, including: Hood, Courtland, Locke, West Walnut Grove, Ryde, and East Walnut Grove.

Locke is located north of the Delta Cross Channel along the left bank of the Sacramento River, approximately 0.7-miles northeast of the community of Walnut Grove. Levees which protect the tract of land known as Libby McNeil where the Delta Legacy community of Locke is located are primarily maintained by Reclamation District (RD) 369. The levees downstream from the community of Locke located on the tract of land known as Walnut Grove are maintained by RD 554. In total, the collective Locke study area is protected by nearly 5.25 miles of levees which provide protection from flows in the Sacramento River on the west, Delta Meadows Slough to the north (maintained by RD 551 – Pearson District), and Snodgrass Slough to the east.