Cordova Creek Naturalization Project



The Project was developed by a partner group including Sacramento County Departments of Water Resources & Regional Parks, Water Forum, City of Rancho Cordova, Soil Born Farms, California Native Plant Society, and Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency.


The Project will remove the existing trapezoidal shaped concrete-lined channel and replace it with a natural winding channel that complements the current land use and will create a functioning, living stream to improve the environment. 

The newly created channel area will be landscaped as a natural riparian corridor by planting native trees, shrubs, and groundcovers along the stream banks, wetland areas, and surrounding uplands. 

A walking trail with interpretive signs will be constructed to provide public access from the Dedo Way River Access along the southern edge of the Project area to the American River Parkway.  The Project will complement 80 acres of recently restored riparian woodlands/native grasslands to the west and the 50-acre organic farm and native plant nursery to the east.

Due to the complex nature of the Project, it was determined that the best way to construct the Project was in two phases.  Phase 1 occurred last fall/winter and Phase 2 will occur this spring through fall.


Phase 2 construction will start the week of April 18, 2016.  The contractor from Phase 1, Hanford Applied Restoration & Conservation, will construct Phase 2 as well.  Construction activities for Phase 2 will be similar to those of Phase 1 so impacts to the surrounding neighborhood will be similar to those experienced during Phase 1 last fall/winter.   

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Quality Control

Russell Burch is the construction inspector for the Project. He will resolve most field issues and ensure the work meets the design specifications. Scott Hutcheson is the Resident Engineer. He will oversee construction and handle major field issues.


  • Phase 2 Construction - April - November 2016

Dates are tentative and subject to change

Project Contacts

David Bolen
Project Manager, (916) 874-8645

Russell Burch
Construction Inspector, (916) 591-0026

Scott Hutcheson
Resident Engineer, (916) 875-2216

Mark Cederborg, Hanford A.R.C.
Project Manager, (707) 996-6633 x105