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​Water Resources Management

Request Drainage Services

Our operational hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you would like to report flooding or a water related problem in your area, please call 3-1-1.  Crews will be dispatched for emergencies outside our normal hours of operation.

Please note: Call 916-875-4311 if you are calling from outside the unincorporated area or from within a city or from a non-county landline phone.​​

SCWA Service Area

There are more than twenty​ water providers in Sacramento County.  If you are not sure whether you are a SCWA customer, you can take a look at the SCWA service areas.  If SCWA is not your service provider, find your water provider wit​h this easy to use tool.

Matt Sator Department Director

Matt Satow​ - Director

(916) 874-6851 ​ ​

​Water Supply 

(Sacramento County Water Agency)​

​Drainage Division

​Finance and Administration


​Kerry Schmitz

Division Chief

(916) 874-4681​

Todd Peterson

Division Chief

(916) 875-7164 

​Camelia Radulescu

Chief Financial & Administrative Officer​

(916) 874-3190

Justin Hess

Senior Safety Specialist 

(916) 876-5414 ​

​Tom Pasterski

Water System Superintendent

(916) 876-6430 

Fernando Bugarin​

Drainage Superintendent

(916) 875-5240

Allen Truong

Administrative Services Officer III

Phone: (916) 875-6117

​Scott Hutcheson

Principal Civil Engineer

(916) 875-2216

Amittoj Thandi

Principal Civil Engineer 

(916) 875-3077 

​Paula Badella​

Senior Accounting Manager

(916) 874-7139

​Mike Grinstead​

Regional Water Management

(916) 875 7276

Neil Phaby

Supervising IT Analyst

(916) 875-1550

Vicki Brennan​

Asset Management


​​​​Development​​​​​ ​ ​

Water Supply​​ Development

​Drainage Planning & Development Section

​Floodplain Management & Hydrology Section​

​Stormwater Quality Section​

​​John Kern

Senior Civil Engineer

(916) 874-5159

Mike Durkee​​

Senior Civil Engineer

(916) 874-8812

Kevin Siu

Senior Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-2983

Ken Ballard

Program Manager ​

(916) 874-7173​

David Marrow​

Assoc Civil Engineer

(916) 874-3764

Luis Rodriguez

Associate Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-7172

Windy Genov

Associate Civil Engineer

(916) 874-3963​

Patricia Manlangit​​

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 874-7130​

Sharon Camacho

Asst Civil Engineer

(916) 874-2342

Kelvin Evawere

Assistant Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-5140

Eugene Balinski

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 874-2765

​Steve Martinez 

Principal Engineering Technician

(916) 874-3385

Leonardo Alba

Assistant Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-8846​

​Alina Dubinets

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 874-8319​

Corey Papais

Principal Engineering Technician

(916) 874-5361

Ashley Holt​

Assistant Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-1657

Mario Ambriz

Asst Civil Engineer

(916) 874-5193

Annie Cui Chen

Assistant Civil Engineer 

(916) 874-4389


Tabbada. Imelda

Asst Civil Engineer

(916) 874-4261

Giovanni Moralas​

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 874-3130​

​Water Supply Planning

​Esther Kinyua

Senior Civil Engineer

(916) 874-7199

Gene Holliday

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 876-3069

Ramon Roybal​

Assistant Civil Engineer

(916) 874-6826​

Bob Steeg​

Senior Engineering Tech

(916) 874-5981


​​Feel free to visit any o​ur operational hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If this is a true emergency and you would like to report flooding or a water related problem in your area, please call 3-1-1

DWR Main Office

827 7th Street, Room 301
Sacramento, CA, 95814
Phone: (916) 874-6851​
Organizational Chart​​​​​

For the faster response, call 3-1-1 (or 875-4311 outside unincorporated Sacramento County).  You can also email Sacramento County 3-1-1.  Please provide your contact information, address or APN number, and a description of your problem.  One of our staff members will respond to you shortly.  

Billing questions?  Please contact our Consolidated Utilities Billing and Service for resident​s​ and for businesses.