Drainage - North Vineyard Station Open Space Preserve Trail and Landscaping Project


The North Vineyard Station Specific Plan (NVSSP) Drainage Master Plan includes channel improvements to Elder and Gerber Creeks starting approximately one half-mile west of Elk Grove-Florin Road, extending upstream past Florin Road on Elder Creek and upstream to Gerber Road just past Bradshaw Road on Gerber Creek.  The Drainage Master Plan calls for these creeks to be deepened and widened.  Federal and State permits (Permits) for the channel work require the creation of an open space preserve to include upland buffer within the channel corridors.  The creek improvements will allow for the gravity drainage of future storm drain pipes and are designed to protect future developments from the impact of a 100-year flood.

The NVSSP Drainage Master Plan channel improvement construction is occurring in phases over multiple years.  Developers and Sacramento County Department of Water Resources (DWR) constructed several phases of Elder Creek and Gerber Creek improvements in the summers of 2016-2022, with the final phases being finished by 2024.  DWR will construct the final landscape improvements in several phases over multiple years as a part of the North Vineyard Station Open Space Preserve Trail and Landscaping Project (Project).    

The Project’s final landscape improvements include native mitigation plantings required by the Permits, as well as a paved multi-use trail along most, but not all, phases of the Project.  The Permits require a minimum five-year monitoring and maintenance period after plant installation.  DWR will be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of these plantings during the monitoring period.

After the monitoring period, DWR will transfer ownership of the preserve parcels to the preserve manager, Southgate Recreation and Park District (Southgate).  Southgate will then operate, manage, and maintain the preserve and trail system in perpetuity.

Conceptual Preserve Creek Cross-Section

Creek Landscape Installation Phasing Map


Tentative Construction & Maintenance/Monitoring Schedule*

Project Area​​​​​​​

Construction Timeline
Maintenance and Monitoring Period
Elder Creek Ph 4 Completed 2022-2027
Gerber Creek Ph 1 Completed2022-2027
Elder Creek Ph 1B
Elder Creek Ph 3
Elder Creek Ph 5
Gerber Creek Ph 1A
Gerber Creek Ph 2
​​Gerber Creek Ph 4A
Gerber Creek Ph 3
​El​der Creek Ph 1A​
Gerber Creek Ph 4B

​*Note: Timelines are approximate and are subject to change

Project Contacts​

Michael Meaney, Project Engineer

(916) 874-1321