Sacramento City/County Drainage Manual Volume 2: Hydrology Standards

Volume 2 of the Sacramento City/County Drainage Manual can be downloaded here in PDF format. The Manual consists of 14 Chapters, the SDP and SACPRE programs, and a set of soil maps for the Sacramento County area. In order to make for easier download, the manual has been divided into parts.

The bulk of the manual (which includes all 14 chapters (without chapter 2 figures), as well as additional files and instructions for SACPRE and SDP) can be downloaded in a single 3.1Mb zip file. Or, download individual chapters, figures, and related programs from the listings below. A single file containing all Chapter 2 figures can be downloaded in either English units (3.8Mb) or SI units (3.7Mb). Soil type maps for Sacramento County are also available.

Download SacCalc Here

The Sacramento County Hydrologic Calculator (SacCalc) calculates design flows using Sacramento County Hydrology standards. SacCalc replaces the older DOS-based SACPRE program that prepared input files for the US Army Corps of Engineers HEC-1 program. SacCalc is a Microsoft Windows application that provides a graphical user interface for watershed layout and design storm selection. SacCalc can also provide Nolte flows used for storm drain design in Sacramento County.

Download individual chapters:

PART 1: Methods and Design Charts

PART 2: The Sacramento Method

PART 3: Using SACPRE HEC-1 Preprocessor

Additional Related Information from the Manual's Floppy Disk:

  • Additional tables for chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7 123k
  • Miscellaneous information including assumptions used to develop curves and the instructions for using the SACPRE and SDP programs (53k)

Individual Figures for Chapter 2:

List of Figures for Chapter 2

List of Figures for Chapter 2 (SI Units)