Foster Way & Whitney Avenue Storm Drain Improvement Project


The Foster Way/Whitney Avenue Storm Drain Improvement Project area is located in Carmichael. The project area consists of approximately 120 acres of medium to low density residential and some commercial properties. It is bounded to the north and east by Comstock Way, to the south by Whitney Avenue, and to the west by Mission Avenue. The project was initiated in response to multiple street flooding reports on Foster Way over several years.

Description of Project:

The project will install approximately 1,154 lineal feet of new and upsized storm drain pipe, seven (7) manholes, five (5) drainage inlets, and appurtenant structures. The new pipe system will better capture and convey runoff during minor and major storm events, resulting in reduced localized street flooding. See project location map below for further detail.



Project Schedule*

  • Final Plans & Specifications – February 2021
  • Board of Supervisors Project Advertise Approval – February 2021
  • Bid Opening Date – April 2021
  • Board of Supervisors Award – May 2021
  • Construction Begins – June 2021
  • Construction Ends – August 2021 *All dates are tentative and subject to change

Project Contacts

Michael Meaney Project Engineer, (916) 874-1321

Rohit Vasishta Design Engineer, (916) 874-8393