General Information

If you are having a water related concern or issue (bad smell or taste, flooding, low pressure, etc.) call 3-1-1.​

​The Sacramento County Department of Water Resources provides drainage, flood control and water supply services to various service areas of unincorporated Sacramento County and the Cities of Citrus Heights, Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova.

Drainage Division

The division provides drainage services to the urbanized and urbanizing portions of unincorporated Sacramento  County. Specific services include:

  • Capital Rehabilitation and Construction: Designs and oversees construction of large channels, pipes and pump station drainage improvement projects.
  • Development Review/Hydrology/Flood Preparedness: Reviews new development improvement plans for adherence to drainage requirements, oversees the FEMA Floodplain Mapping program and other federal flood hazard mitigation programs, provides hydraulic and hydrologic study of watersheds for new development and planning purposes, operates a countywide network of stream and rainfall gauges, produces post-event storm reports and coordinate drainage staffing of the Emergency Operations Center during sever flood events.
  • Operations and Maintenance: Coordinates the routine channel, pipe and drainage pump station maintenance programs, designs and constructs remedial drainage improvement projects, investigates drainage issues and oversees storm response during sever storm events.
  • Stormwater Quality: Responsible for maintaining compliance with national storm water quality regulations by developing and implementing programs to reduce the discharge of pollutants from urban runoff to local receiving waters.

Water Supply Division

This division provides water supply services to over 55,000 homes and businesses in the Laguna-Vineyard area of the South County, Mather-Sunrise, Arden Park-Sierra Oaks, Hood, Northgate, a​nd Southwest Track. Specific services include:

  • Planning: Plans the groundwater, surface water, and recycled water facilities needed to provide water supply to new development and determines the development fees necessary to support these plans.
  • Development: Reviews civil improvement plans and negotiates with developers to obtain water transmission mains, well sites, treatment plant sites, raw water mains, and recycled water mains.
  • Facilities Design: Manages water supply facility capital improvement projects including property acquisition, initiating and complying with environmental review processes, securing consultant and construction contracts, and establishing design, drafting, and AutoCAD standards.
  • Operations and Maintenance: Oversees the day-to-day activities of the Sacramento County Water Agency facilities consisting of pipes, pumps, tanks and water treatment plants.