Sacramento County Water Agency - Water Agency Zones

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Zones 11A, 11B, 11C were created to provide funds for the construction of major drainage facilities. Funding for Zone 11A, 11B, 11C activities is provided from fees collected at the time of development.

Zone 12 -The Sacramento County Stormwater Utility (SWU) provides drainage operation and maintenance services within the geographic area defined by Zone 12 of the Sacramento County Water Agency. The Sacramento County SWU was created to fund the operation and maintenance of storm drainage facilities, the construction of remedial storm drainage improvement projects, the preparation of storm drainage master plans, and the implementation of ​Stormwater quality programs. The SWU is funded through the standard collection of bimonthly fees

Zone 13 was created by the Water Agency Board of Directors on May 5, 1987 to fund comprehensive long-range planning and engineering studies of flood control, water resources development, water supply management and water conservation beneficial to the Zone. Zone 13 includes all of Sacramento County excepting the cities of Sacramento, Folsom, Galt and Isleton, and its activities are funded by an annual per-parcel assessment on all real property within the Zone.

Zone 40 was created by the Water Agency Board of Directors on May 14, 1985 pursuant to Resolution No. 663 to fund the planning, design, and construction of major water supply facilities that benefit the Zone. Zone 40 revenue is provided from water development fees collected at the time of development and from Special User Fees included in bi-monthly water customer utility charges.

Zone 41 was created by the Water Agency Board of Directors on June 13, 2000 pursuant to Resolution WA-2397, and constituted a reorganization of the Sacramento County Water Maintenance District. Zone 41 funds the operation and maintenance of a public drinking water system that includes water production, treatment, storage and distribution facilities, pursuant to permits issued by the California Department of Health Services. Revenue to fund Zone 41 activities is provided by utility charges, connection permit fees, construction water permits, and grants-all of which fund Water Supply Capital Facilities Design and Water Supply Facilities Operations and Administration.
Zone 41 also provides wholesale water supply to the Elk Grove Water Service pursuant to the First Amended And Restated Master Water Agreement Between Sacramento County Water Agency And Florin Resources Conservation District/Elk Grove Water Service, June 28, 2002.

Zone 50 was created by the Water Agency Board of Directors on June 1, 2004 pursuant to Resolution WA-2542. Zone 50 encompasses the Metro Air Park Special Planning Area, a commercial and industrial development adjacent to the Sacramento International Airport. Zone 50 funds certain capital facilities required to provide water supply to the Zone, as described in the Zone 50 Water Supply Master Plan adopted on October 25, 2005; Zone 50 revenue is provided from water development fees. Water for the Zone is purchased from the City of Sacramento pursuant to an October 12, 2004 Wholesale And/or Wheeling Water Service Agreement.

Each zone encompasses a unique geographic area of benefit to achieve the desired objectives. Funding derived from a zone can only be used to benefit that zone.​