Sacramento County Water Agency

Temporary Construction Water Permitting

The Temporary Construction Water Permitting process is used to obtain a temporary water supply usually for construction purposes.  On rare occasions SCWA will receive a request to use a fire hydrant to fill swimming pools and usually these requests are granted provided the permittee has the necessary equipment to connect to the hydrant.  It should be noted that the Temporary Construction Water Permit program operates under the provisions of several State regulations that the Agency is required to enforce. The regulations are described on page two of the Temporary Construction Water Permit Application and the Permit Placard.  These regulations are not a suggestion and a permittee’s failure to comply will result in a fine.

Listed below are the steps for how to apply for a Temporary Construction Water Permit:

  1. Check to see if your project resides in the SCWA service area, visit “Locate Your Water Purveyor”. You will need a physical address to use this feature.
  2. After you have determined that the project is within the SCWA’s service area complete an application and email the application to Sean Martin or Danny Lopez.  The emails can be located under “Contact Information”.​
  3. It can take up to 72 hours to complete the process to ​set a meter for your project. The location of our facility is located at 10151 Florin Road, Sacramento, CA 95829 (Between Bradshaw Rd & Excelsior Rd). We are located in Building 91 (the building closest to the flag pole). 

Payment Options

By Check:  Please send all checks to Sacramento County Water Agency, P.O. Box 1587, Sacramento, CA 95814 and include a copy of the invoice so the accounting staff can apply the payment to the correct permit.

On-line:  Invoices can also be paid on-line through the Online Automated System webpage.  You must first register for an on-line account at that same webpage.  Once you have an account, you can login and select “Search for a water permit.”  Put your permit number (sample permit number CWPX2010-00045) in the field labeled “Record Number:” and click Search.  The results of the search will be shown below.  Expand the "Fees" section and select “Pay Fee Due.”  From there you can pay for the permit with a credit card.  There is a convenience fee that all credit card companies charge when making payments and the county passes this fee onto the card holder.​