Stormwater Quality Program

Pet Waste

Did you know that pet waste left on the ground can be carried by rain or outdoor water (runoff) into our local creeks and rivers which contributes to pollution? Pet waste contains bacteria and parasites which is harmful to our waterways. Studies show that only 60% of dog owners pick up after their pets and a single gram contains an estimated 23 million bacteria!*

*Source: Live Science

How Does Pet Waste Pollute Our Waterways?

In every neighborhood, there are typically storm drains that collect rain water or runoff which empty into a creek or river. The water that is carried into the storm drain system isn’t treated.  When dog poop is left on the ground, it can be picked up by runoff and carried into a storm drain which leads into creeks and rivers without treatment. Dog poop is one of the sources of pollution in our waterways.

Once the pet waste enters a creek or river, it decays in the water, depleting oxygen levels that fish and other aquatic organisms depend on. Dog poop also contains nutrients that stimulate weed and algae growth and attracts flies!

How Can You Help?

Pick up after your pets and encourage others to do the same. When you walk your dog, carry a bag and use it to pick up the poop, then throw it in the trash. By taking this action, you can be a solution to pollution!​