Stormwater Quality Program

The Scoop the Poop Program

Pet Waste

Pet waste left on the ground can be carried by rain or irrigation water into our local creeks and rivers, contributing to pollution. Pet waste contains pathogenic bacteria and other parasites. When it is washed into our creeks and rivers it decays in the water, depleting oxygen levels and releasing ammonia, which can be harmful to fish and other aquatic organisms. It also contains nutrients that foster weed and algae growth.

What can you do? Pick up after your pets and encourage others to do the same. Carry a plastic bag with you when you walk your dog and use it to pick up the poop, then throw it in the trash. Get the word out by posting this printable sign in your yard.

The Scoop the Poop Program

For additional information about the Scoop the Poop program, download the program fact sheet (in PDF).  

See the Arden Carmichael News article (in PDF) about the pilot program.

The Sacramento County Stormwater Quality Program has partnered with Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District and local volunteer groups to develop a cost-effective pilot program called “Scoop the Poop”. The program aims to reduce the bacteria found in local waterways caused by the improper disposal of pet waste in our parks and trails.

The "Scoop the Poop" Program offers park-goers a convenient, earth-friendly way to pick up after their pets at four parks within the Arcade Creek Recreation and Park District: Hamilton Street, Oakdale, and Arcade Creek Park, as well as Holyoke Trail.

What is the problem?

The Unincorporated County has more than 254 parks that span over 23,000 acres, which provide numerous social and recreational opportunities for residents.  Studies show that animal waste is a major source of bacteria (fecal coliform) found in Sacramento area urban runoff.  When dog waste is left on park grass and along trails, runoff from rain and sprinklers can carry it into storm drains and waterways.  In addition, dog waste is unsightly and generates many public complaints.

How it works?

The “Scoop the Poop” program is a community stewardship program. Individuals can either leave their plastic grocery bags at the pet waste bag stations for others or take a bag to use for picking up and disposing of pet waste.

Working with the park districts, volunteer groups will install the stations at designated areas. Not only is this program good for the environment and cost effective, it will also build connections within the community.

We would like to thank the following groups for supporting the Scoop the Poop Program:

  • Junior Girl Scout Troop 1308
  • Bel Air Supermarket, 4005 Manzanita Ave., Carmichael
  • Albertsons, 4708 Manzanita Ave., Carmichael
  • Albertsons, 5445 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento
  • Safeway, 4040 Manzanita Ave., Carmichael

If you are interested in installing Scoop the Poop signs, please call 874-8326 or email