North Vineyard Station Open Space Preserve Trail and Landscaping Project – Elder Creek Phase 4 and Gerber Creek Phase 1


The North Vineyard Station Specific Plan (NVSSP) Drainage Master Plan includes channel improvements to Elder and Gerber Creeks.  The Drainage Master Plan called for these creeks to be deepened and widened with an open space nature preserve.  The improvements allow for the gravity drainage of future storm drain pipes and were designed to protect future developments from the impact of a 100-year flood.  The open space preserve will include native plantings and multi-use trails.

The proposed Project is located along a section of Elder Creek and Gerber Creek.  The Gerber Creek Phase 1 section is located between Waterman Road and the Central California Traction Railroad.  The Elder Creek Phase 4 section is located west of Elk Grove-Florin Road and north of Gerber Road.   A private developer deepened and widened the Gerber Creek Phase 1 section of the Project in 2016.  DWR deepened and widened the Elder Creek Phase 4 section of the Project in 2017.

Preserve plantings and trails will be installed on the remaining Elder and Gerber Creek sections over the next few years.

Conceptual Creek Preserve Cross-Section


Project Description

The Project creek sections will be landscaped as a natural riparian corridor by planting native trees, shrubs, wetlands, and grasses within the creek bottom, along the creek banks, and surrounding uplands.  The Project will also install a multi-use trail along the Gerber Creek Phase 1 section.  The Elder Creek Phase 4 section of the Project will install approximately 11.6 acres of native plantings.  The Gerber Creek Phase 1 section of the Project will install approximately 16.0 acres of native plantings, a paved bicycle path, and a dirt equestrian trail.  The Project includes a minimum 5-year landscape monitoring period that begins after plant installation.


Project Newsletter

October 2020

Project Schedule

  • Project Advertisement – October 2020
  • Bid Opening – November 2020​
  • Trail & Irrigation Construction – June 2021 to October 2021
  • Plant Installation – October 2021 to December 2021

All dates are tentative and subject to change


Michael Meaney
Project/Design Engineer, (916) 874-1321