Stormwater Utility (Drainage)

The Department of Water Resources is the organization primarily responsible for drainage and flood control within the urbanized and urbanizing portions of unincorporated Sacramento County. The drainage and flood control system operated and maintained by Sacramento County consists of 1,443 miles of storm drain pipe, 400 miles of creeks and open channels, 33 pump stations, and 18 detention basins. Municipalities and local reclamation and flood control districts provide additional drainage and flood control services within their jurisdictions. 

Our mission is to protect the community and its waterways:

  • through sound planning, construction, repair, and improvement of drainage and flood control systems
  • monitoring pollutants in local creeks to protect the water quality
  • educating the community on ways to keep creeks and rivers pollution free

​We also work with the Sacramento​ Area Flood Control Agency (SAFCA) in the development and implementation of regional flood control projects and revisions to floodplain mapping. ​

Are you serviced by the Stormwater Unlity?  Find you if your address is within the DWR Drainage Responsibility Zone ​