Be Aware.  Be Prepared.

Learn about the steps necessary to keep you and your family safe.  While we may be in a drought situations now, remember how the rains of 2017 ended the last drought.  That’s why it’s important to be prepared because we don’t know what this winter will bring.  Check with your insurance agent about purchasing flood insurance before it’s too late.


To report flooding, plugged storm drains, and other drainage problems: Call 311.

​Be "Storm Ready" in the Fall

Don't dump!

Don't dump in the storm drains; they drain to the creeks and rivers. 

Protect your property

Learn how to protect your property (building, electrical systems, HVAC, plumbing and walls) from flood damage. 

Support your regional parks!

Supporting our regional parks also helps protect floodplains from development and adding to open spaces. 

Learn how to be Storm Ready in the...



"Managing Tomorrows Water Today"