Storm Ready

Evergreen Estates Subdivision Neighborhood Response Plan

​Source of Flooding

The Evergreen Estates Subdivision floods when Arcade Creek outflanks the floodwall at the end of Pasadena Ave.  When the stream gage at the Pasadena Ave pedestrian bridge reaches an elevation 76.82’ floodwater begins to outflank the floodwall entering into the subdivision and becoming trapped behind the floodwall and levee system that protects the subdivision from Arcade Creek.  The trapped floodwater can get up to 6’ deep in the streets and enter many of the homes in the area.  The potential extent of flooding is shown he here. 

Flood History

The subdivision significantly flooded during the 1986 flood event, after which levees and floodwalls were constructed which have protected the subdivision from flooding on several occasions. However, Evergreen Estates is still susceptible to flooding from Arcade Creek flood waters outflanking the floodwall at the end along Pasadena Ave near winding Way.  


Local Flooding

Flood Monitoring

Sacramento County Department of Water Resources maintains a system of rain and stream gages through the County.  Rain and stream elevation data can be found on the Sacramento County ALERT System website:  Flood levels at the Pasadena Ave pedestrian bridge are found on ALERT System website on the Evergreen Estates Neighborhood page under Dashboard heading​ at the top of the page.

Flood Response

The Evergreen Estates Neighborhood Flood Response Plan​ is available here.  The plan provides the residents of Evergreen Estates Subdivision with an understanding of the flood threat, information on how to monitor and be notified when flooding may occur, and a plan to flood fight.  Equipment and material including a flood barrier (below) is pre-staged at the subdivision for the community to use; the Flood Response Plan how to deploy the flood barrier.

Flood Barrier Deployed

Public Notification 

Residents may sign up for email and phone text notifications when the Arcade Creek flood levels are in danger of outflanking the floodwall along Pasadena Ave.  A notification is sent when the Pasadena Avenue pedestrian crossing reaches Monitor Stage and the 12-hour rainfall within the Arcade Creek watershed exceeds the 10-year recurrence interval.  The notification alerts residents that flooding may occur and that they should implement the Evergreen Estates Neighborhood Flood Response Plan.  You can sign up for Alert System notifications here​.  Scroll down and subscribe to the Evergreen Estates Warning option.

Water Resources Contact:  

Kevin Siu, PE

(916) 874-2983