Sandbag Information

Last Updated: 5/7/2024 2:50 PM

All​ Sacramento County sandbag sites are closed.

All Sacramento County Department of Water Resources (DWR) sandbag locations for residents in the unincorporated areas are closed.  The County will reopen some locations in November.  Residents who believe their property will be in danger of potential flooding due to heavy rains in their area are encouraged to get sandbags now before rain falls.  

If your property has a history of flooding or recurring standing water each year (such as water building up at the garage or back patio for example), you are encouraged to get sandbags in advance of the rainy season and have them on hand throughout the winter.  Sandbags from last winter should be replaced with newer bags due to deterioration.​  If the County locations are empty, sandbags and sand are available, inexpensively, at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Sacramento County's sandbag sites are self-serve.  Bags and sand are available at each location, but you must bring you​r own shovel. Sites not operated by the County of Sacramento are intended for use by residents of the jurisdiction operating the site. For example, the sandbag sites operated by the City of Citrus Heights are intended for use by the residents of Citrus Heights, etc.​

Please note: To be eligible to pick up sand at our sandbag sites, you must be within the Sacramento County Drainage Responsibility area.

To determine if you're within the Sacramento County Drainage Responsibility area:

  1. Use this lookup tool to enter your address or parcel number – DrainageResponsibilityLookup (​

If your Drainage Responsibility is “Sacramento County Water Resources" then you are eligible to use one of our sandbag sites.​

How to fill and use sandbags 

Find an open location nearest you: Sandbag Sites