Sacramento County Water Agency

About Us

The Sacramento County Water Agency is dedicated to providing safe and reliable drinking water to over 55,000 homes and businesses in the Laguna-Vineyard area of the South County, Mather-Sunrise, Arden Park-Sierra Oaks, Hood, Northgate, Walnut Gove, and Southwest Tract. Check to see who is your water purvey by providing your address or parcel number.

​Water Agency Zones

The boundaries ​of the Water Agency are by definition identical to the boundaries of the County of Sacramento, and by definition its governing Board of Directors is ex officio the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Among its powers, the Board has the authority to create "zones" within the Agency "in order to finance, construct, acquire, reconstruct, maintain, operate, extend, repair, or otherwise improve any work or improvement of common benefit to such zone". There are currently eight Water Agency Zones.