Drainage - Vineyard Springs Basin at Laguna Creek (Southgate Soccer Basin) Project


This Project is a component of the Vineyard Springs Comprehensive Plan (VSCP) Drainage Master Plan (DMP).   The Project is located on vacant land west of Wildhawk West Drive, south of Larry Gury Community Park, and north of Laguna Creek in the Vineyard Spring community of unincorporated Sacramento County.

During large storm events, water spills out of Laguna Creek and travels north across the land to Gerber Creek in what is known as the inter-basin transfer. This inter-basin transfer is a shallow floodplain with a depth of two feet (2’), represented by a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) Zone AO. The DMP identifies this Project’s flood control basin as one of the major improvements needed to stop this inter-basin transfer.  The Project improvements are the first step needed to remove the FEMA SFHA Zone AO floodplain, removing flood risk to the properties within the inter-basin transfer area, and ultimately allowing the affected area to be developed. 

During large storm events, the proposed detention basin will temporarily store community stormwater runoff until it can be conveyed to Laguna Creek.  Most of the time, the basin will be dry and available for use as soccer and play fields.  Upon completion of the Project, Southgate Recreation & Park District (SRPD) will construct and maintain the soccer and play fields, irrigated turf, landscaping, trail lighting, and associated amenities.

 Project Haul Route

Project Description

The Project will construct a 15-acre multi-use detention basin requiring the excavation of approximately 117,000 cubic yards of soil.  In compliance with the DMP, approximately 45,000 cubic yards will be placed immediately west of the basin on two private properties.  The awarding contractor will off haul the remaining 72,000 cubic yards of soil to a permitted site.  It is important to note that the off haul will involve the use of many dump trucks traveling on Carmencita Avenue and Wingspan Drive throughout the day for a few weeks.

The Project will also install an armored concrete weir, culverts, paved multi-use trail and utilities, fencing, and internal basin/field/trail utility infrastructure.  SRPD will install the soccer/play field landscaping, and other associated public use facilities/amenities, within the basin and around the trail as a part of a separate project in the near future.

Project Updates

The Board of Directors approved the Project for advertisement to construction contractors on April 6, 2021. The public bid opening was on May 13, 2021. There were seven bids submitted. On July 13, 2021, the contract was awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder  - DeSilva Gates Construction LP.

In October 2021, the project area experienced heavy rainfall produced by an atmospheric river event.  At the time of the rain event, the project work was underway and the contractor excavated a portion of the basin.  Storm water filled the excavation areas, forcing a work stoppage.  Water was removed from the basin and construction activities re-started in May 2022.   A majority of the project work is finished with only minor work remaining.  All project work is expected to be complete by the end of June 2023.​

Project Schedule*

  • Construction Start – September 2021
  • Construction End – June 2023

*All dates are tentative and subject to change

Project Attachments


Michael Meaney
Project Engineer, (916) 874-1321
E-mail: meaneym@saccounty.gov