Sacramento County Water Agency - Phase 1B - Arden Service Area Pipe and Meter Installation Project

Last Updated: 6/30/2022 8:47 AM


This Project will provide several critical improvements to the Arden Service Area’s distribution system:

  • Improved system reliability and additional fire-flow capacity: Larger water mains will help provide better system redundancy and additional water supplies to meet fire flow requirements. Fire hydrants will be added to the project area to meet Fire Code spacing requirements (every 500 feet for residential and every 300 feet for commercial areas.)
  • Meet separation standards for drinking water mains: New water mains placed into the street-right-away will help SCWA meet the current separation requirements from sanitary sewer and drainage facilities.
  • Lower operation and maintenance costs: The replacement of older and undersized water mains will reduce maintenance cost of day-to-day operations.
  • Meet state deadline for water meter implementation: The installation of water meters will achieve system compliance with the state requirement that all water services have meters installed by 2025.

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Project Engineer:
Mitra Im
Phone: (916) 874-8291