Storm Ready

2021 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Executive Summary and Table of Contents
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 What's New
Chapter 3 Planning Process
Chapter 4 Risk Assessment
Chapter 5 Mitigation Strategy
Chapter 6 Plan Adoption
Chapter 7 Plan Implementation
Annex A City of Citrus Heights
Annex B City of Elk Grove
Annex C City of Folsom
Annex D City of Galt
Annex E Rancho Cordova
Annex F City of Sacramento
Annex G American River Flood Control District
Annex H Citrus Heights Water District
Annex I Cosumnes Community Services District Fire
Annex J Los Rios Community College
Annex K Reclamation District 800
Annex L Reclamation District 1000
Annex M Sacramento County Water Agency
Annex N Sacramento Metro Fire District
Annex O Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District
Annex P Sacramento Area Sewer District
Annex Q Southgate Recreation and Park District
Annex R Twin Rivers School District
Annex S Delta Annex

Appendix A Planning Process
Appendix B  References
Appendix C Mitigation Strategy
Appendix D Adoption Resolution
Appendix E Threatened and Endangered Species
Appendix F Critical Facilities
Appendix G Survey
Appendix H RLAA and CRS Annual Reports
Appendix I Watershed Management Plan

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